We provide strategy-based design solutions for ambitious brands.

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We are passionate about helping businesses thrive and reach their goals.  We'll help you take your business to the next level through our proven combination of smart strategy and beautiful design.

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Based in the bustling city of Dubai, Veda Branding is a creative studio crafting strategic story-driven brands and websites for local and regional clients.  Founded by Natalie Merheb, she works together with a hub of passionate professional creatives to help her clients bring their unique brand story to life, achieve their goals and transform their business.

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We work with small to medium sized businesses in a broad spectrum of fields, with a special focus on the f&b, hospitality, healthy & beauty, lifestyle and professional services industries. We seek to work with clients who are ambitious, want to stand out as established leaders in their industry, and are ready to make an investment into their success.

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I have been building brands in the UAE for almost fifteen years and founded Veda Branding as a culmination of my corporate and freelance experiences.  I am passionate in partnering with small to medium businesses, helping them hone in on their target audience and strategically develop a brand that looks great, attracts the right audience and achieves positive results.  I am also very passionate about great design, constantly striving to find the fine balance between trendiness and timelessness.  Brand strategy paired with brand artistry is at the heart of what I do.

When I'm not working as a brand strategist and designer, you'll find me spending time with my husband and twin daughters, trying out a new recipe in my kitchen, horseback riding in the desert, reading, painting, or illustrating children's books.  I have had several children's books published with top publishers in the US, Europe and the UAE.

Meet Natalie

founder / creative director

 Brand strategy is necessary to cultivating a strong brand.  It defines who you are as a business, focuses on your long-term goals, determines your target audience, and positions you in the market to set yourself apart from your competition.  By applying strategy to our design work, we can purposely design visual branding that will help your business reach the next level.

Strategy First

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Every brand has a story to tell.  It's your journey from the past, continuing in the present, and into the future.  It's who your ideal customers are, your core values, and mission.  It's the message that you want to convey to your target audience, as well as how you speak to them.  The story that your brand tells helps define how consumers will perceive what it would be like to do business with you or buy from you.

Story-Driven Design

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All businesses have a brand identity, whether you've defined it or not, because it's about how consumers perceive you.  If you're not attracting your ideal customers, then you're not being intentional with your brand.  At Veda Branding, we work to understand your target audience. so that we can intentionally and strategically design something that we know will attract them.


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In a world of endless options, why should a consumer purchase from you?  It's your authenticity that will set you apart.  There is no other business like yours, so use that to your advantage.  You should portray who you are, how what you are selling will benefit consumers, and why you do what you do, so that consumers can make the emotional connection needed to convert them from window-shoppers into loyal buyers.


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