Semi-Custom Brands are designed to provide you an elevated professional look for your brand, without the custom design price tag and timeline, so that you can launch and market your new business with confidence and consistency.

Semi-Custom Brands

Customized just for you by one of our in-house professional designers.

launch your new business with confidence and consistency

Do you want to launch and market your new business with confidence, but you're not quite ready to invest in full-scope custom branding yet?  WE GET IT.  Custom branding is not always the right answer for every business, especially for small startups.  Your business will likely shift and grow throughout the first year or two and your target audience may change, requiring a complete overhaul of your business identity, strategy and services.  That's why the Semi-Custom Brand option is just the solution for you!  Take all the guesswork out of picking random fonts or choosing a color palette.  Our Semi-Custom Brands are designed with your business in mind ,so you can stay consistent and market a brand you’re proud of.

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What's included?

primary Logo

secondary logo

alternate logo


brand assets

profile image

business card

color palette

typography hierarchy

brand mark


brand guidelines

Each Semi-Custom Brand transformation includes customization of:  the business name, taglines and other copy, monograms, color palette, and there is even the option to change the font to make it more unique to your business. It only takes one week!

Semi-Custom Brands

$575 USD

minimalist - modern - clean

bare Skin

$575 USD

tailored - artistic - elegant

STudio capiro

$575 USD

classic - elegant - feminine

Tania rivers

How it Works

Choose the brand you want and purchase it immediately through the Buy Now link on the Semi-Custom brand page.  

01 / purchase

After purchasing your brand, we'll send you a link to complete an online questionnaire and to schedule your start date.

02 / questionnaire

Within 48 hours after your start date, we'll send you  a preview of your customized brand.  One  revision is included.

03 / design

Once the brand is finalized, we'll deliver all the files you need, so you can start planning to launch your new brand right away.

02 / delivery