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If you're not quite ready for full-scope strategic website development, then our 1-Week Website service could be for you!

1-week website

No more crazy long wait-lists or drawn out design timelines to slow you down!

Maybe you're a new startup business and you want something better than a DIY website.  Or perhaps you're just so tired of your outdated DIY website and just know it's holding your business back.  You've got your website content ready and have a rough idea of what you need, but you need help in getting a professional looking and functional website up and running.  But you've got one not-so-tiny problem standing in your way:  All the talented designers you've looked into are either too expensive for your current budget or have months long waitlists.  With our fast-paced 1-Week Website service, we will craft a new website for you in just one week.  Our 1-Week Website service is a great way to start moving your business forward confidently, efficiently and affordably.

If you need a new website, like yesterday, look no further than our 1-week website service.

design intensive

1-Week Website

what's included?

+ installation of your pre-purchased Showit website template (from another designer) or use one of ours.
+ setup of the template with your branding, logos, color palette and fonts.
+ add in your provided-content (copy and images) and make basic spacing adjustments to accommodate your content.
+ email marketing integration
+ customize the design and function of the template as time allows within the timeframe.
+ 1:1 live tutorial on how to manage and edit your website

$1675 (6000 AED)

schedule it now

We work with small to medium sized established businesses and serious startups.

This is for you, if:

You know you need better than a DIY website, but are not ready to invest in a full-scope strategic website process  just yet. 

You're willing to do a bit of prep work beforehand and willing to provide really quick feedback.

You're tired of your DIY website and just know it's outdated and not working for you as it should.  You just know it's holding back your business from reaching next-level goals.

You have a pretty clear idea of what your website needs and you have your content (copy and images) ready, or you're willing to let us design with placeholder content.

You're on a tight timeline and need a very quick turnaround. And don't worry, we wont ask why you waited until the last minute.

Our Process

how it works

It's important to make sure that this service is a good fit for you, so a telephone consultation will provide us time to ask questions and get to know each other.   After your consultation, we'll send you a contract and invoice, to be signed and submitted before we book your project into our schedule.

consultation & Booking

step 1

Before your start date, you'll need to submit the completed web design questionnaire to us.  This questionnaire has been developed to obtain the right information from you and to help you prepare your content to send to us.

Web design questionnaire

step 2

When your  start date arrives, we'll jump on a kick-off call first thing in the morning to discuss the web design questionnaire, as well as to talk about your objectives and creative ideas for moving forward.  We'll use our expertise to help you make strategic decisions when it comes to your web design needs.

kick-off call

step 3

We'll begin work on your custom website template and by the end of day 3, we'll send it to you for review.  We'll explain what we've done and why.

web design

step 4

At the beginning of day 4, we'll jump on another call to discuss the website and make decisions on if any revisions are necessary.  One round of revisions are permitted. 


step 5

On day 5, we'll  make sure your web design is pixel perfect and make any final tweaks and adjustments that are needed.  At the end of day 5, we'll jump on a zoom call, where we will share our screen and provide you a tutorial on how to edit and manage your website, as well as how to make it go live.


step 6

Questions? I got you!

what is your availability?

As a small agency, we only accept one 1-Week design project each week to ensure the quality of our work.  We sometimes book 1-Week projects weeks in advance.  Please send us an inquiry to know our earliest start date. Plan ahead! 

How much does it cost?

Our 1-Week Website service costs $1675 USD (6000 AED).  We require a 50% deposit to book your project into our schedule and the final 50% is due before your start date arrives.  For full-scope strategic web design and development, please visit our Strategic Website page.

Can I add other items on to my 1-week web design package?

Yes!  You can add on any of the following services:  e-commerce integration, 3rd party integrations and features, branding, illustration, logo animation, 3D product mockups, stationery design, packaging design, print design, social media content design, website design, photography, videography and copywriting.  Any additional services will require us to send you a custom proposal and quotation.

is my deposit refundable?

No. Deposits are non-refundable. We oftentimes book projects weeks or months in advance and, with that, turn away potential clients who require a quicker time frame.  If you cancel your project, it leaves an empty space in our schedule that could have been given to someone else.  Only in the event that we cancel a project will any refund be given.  Your contract will have full details on this.

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