HIgh Fever is a hot sauce brand not for the faint-hearted. They have a wide range of chili and spicy sauces to choose from and they're notorious for the high-heat levels. High Fever was founded by an adventure lover, extreme sport enthusiast and a lover of very spicy foods, but he could never find a spicy enough hot sauce in the supermarkets. We wanted to design a brand that went much further than the typical chili pepper icon found on most hot sauce brands. Scorpions are dangerous, can cause high fevers, and happen to be the name of the second hottest chili pepper in the world. Only the most brave food-adventurous people would dare to try it!

the brief


High Fever Hot Sauce

Brand Design for a Hot Sauce Food Industry Company in California, USA


Food & Beverage, Retail Product


Adventurous, Daring, Edgy

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project deliverables:

+ Brand Design
+ Print Design