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The Brand Accelerator Program is our all-in-one signature agency experience for brands that want to launch their new brand with maximum impact. Over a period of 5 months, we'll work alongside you as one of your team members, like your very own part-time brand manager and design specialist, managing the entire creative process from A to Z.

Brand Accelerator Program

5-month partnership

If you're serious about the future success of your business, value having one expert manage the entire creative process from A to Z, and want someone who will work alongside you every step of the way; but do not want to commit to hiring a full-time long-term employee, then our 5 month Brand Accelerator Program is the perfect partnership for you!

This program is perfect for entrepreneurs who are tired of trying to figure out what services you need, who to hire, how much to pay, and managing several creative subcontractors at once (only to be disappointed with inconsistent results), then our Brand Accelerator Program is just the solution for you.  We take care of all the creative processes that are needed to launch a new brand from brand strategy, to brand design, to brand implementation, and finally a marketing and awareness launch plan.

consider us your go-to out-sourced brand manager as we work alongside you to launch your new brand.

set your business up for success and launch your dream brand.

Brand Accelerator Program

all-in-one signature agency partnership

Over a period of five months we'll work alongside you, as your part-time team member, to execute and manage the following services to prepare you to launch your new brand with maximum impact.

cost: monthy payments

We undertake an in-depth brand discovery and strategy workshop to develop the core of your business identity and to strategize how to move your brand forward. Learn more about this service here.

01. brand strategy

A great brand can't happen without great messaging. We infuse buyer psychology and tone of voice into unique and strategic messaging and copy to be used on your website, company profile and social media content.

04. messaging & copywriting

We develop a creative direction and design a visual brand identity system that speaks to your target audience and will help you achieve your business goals. Learn more about this service here.

02. brand design

We have worked with many photographers and videographers over the years and know how to vet and select the right one for your industry. We will provide art and creative direction for the shoot and manage the shoot on the day-of.   The objective of this service is to provide you a set of professional stock images to launch your new brand on your website and social media. *Does not include the photographer/videographer fees, as this varies, depending on your needs, and you will pay them directly.

o3. art direction (photo/video)

We  implement your branding across several customer touch points, including: business stationery, print collateral, packaging, signage, logo animation, corporate profile, social media templates, and ad banners: basically everything your brand needs to successfully make a great first impression.  *Extremely large graphic design projects, such as 50+ page look-book, are not included or will incur an additional fee.

05. print and digital design

Everything converges here, as we combine your strategy, copy, brand design, and photos into a website, infused with buyer psychology and user experience, that will establish your brand's credibility as a leader in your industry. We install foundational SEO into your website, get your website set-up on your custom domain and provide 1:1 training on how to use, edit and launch your website.  Learn more about this service here.

06. custom web design & SEO

So you can show up consistently and intentionally for maximum results as you launch your new brand, and increase awareness with your target audience, we put together an 8-week pre- and post- launch marketing plan, including design and copy of 6 launch sequence emails,  24 social media posts, 4 blog articles (with SEO in mind), and recommendations for other marketing opportunities and paid advertisements.

o7. awareness launch plan

What's included?

This is for you, if:

You want to take the guess-work and headache out of hiring and managing several different creative subcontractors and not having things be cohesive and consistent in the end.

You value cohesiveness and consistency across your branding and implementation across all customer touch-points.

You desire quality and don't want to be just another number or face as a client of a large agency. You want your project to be a top priority.

You're an ambitious start-up business with big goals, and ready to make a long-term investment to the success of your brand launch and value having an expert to help you make it happen.

We make a  significant time commitment to our Brand Accelerator Program clients and value quality over quantity, so we only accept 4 of these types of clients per year, with the start date for this program beginning either in September or January each year.  There are two spots to start in September (ending in January) and two spots to start in February (ending in June). The schedule  allows for a couple weeks off in the end of December as well as in early April for holiday breaks.  Please send us an inquiry to know our availability and if there is a waiting list.

We value transparency in pricing, so we have a set base price for this program.  The total fee for this program is 36,000 AED split into 6 payments of 6000 AED each to make it very affordable.  This is a significant savings on if you were to book all of the services mentioned above separately (a total value of approximately 44,000-48,000 AED). The first payment is a deposit to book your space in our calendar and the remaining 5 payments are paid in advance each month over the course of the 5 month program. It's like paying an employee a monthly salary.  Intake for this program begins either in September or January each year, meaning our partnership will begin at the beginning of either of these months.

We make a significant time, energy, emotional- and mental-load commitment to each of our Brand Accelerator Program clients, which is why we only work with 4 businesses per year under this program.  We treat your business as if it were our own!  That being said, this program does not mean that we are your full-time employee and will maintain certain boundaries out of respect for our other clients and our own work-life balance.  You can consider this partnership like a 25% part-time employee contract, where we will commit on average about 40 hours per month to your project (or approximately 10 hours per week). 

Fees for photographers and videographers, as well as any other third-party subcontractors connected to your shoot (such as models, makeup artists, props, or location/equipment fees) are not included in this program, however, we do provide art direction and day-of shoot management under this partnership.  Fees for any physical deliverables, such as printing, are not included in this program, however we do provide management and oversight of these processes during the partnership.  You will pay these subcontractors directly. 

Extremely large "non-standard" graphic design undertakings are not included in this program.  An example of this would be a 70+ page custom look book, which would take several weeks or even months to complete.  Your contract will go more into detail of what is included, as per your requirements.

No. Deposits are non-refundable. We only book four of these projects per year and often book them in advance and, with that, turn away other potential clients.  If you cancel your project, it leaves an empty space in our schedule that could have been given to someone else. Only in the event that we cancel a project will any refund be considered. Your contract will have full details on this.

Your monthly fees are paid in advance for the month ahead, acting as a monthly deposit for that month.  These fees are non-refundable, however you may cancel your project at anytime with a 15 day written notice for the cancellation to be effective for the next month.  Please see our cancellation FAQ for more details.

You may cancel your partnership at anytime with a 15 day written notice for the cancellation to be effective for the next month. For example, if you want your cancellation to be effective on November 1st  (to not pay November fees), you need to notify us in writing by October 15th.

Deposits and monthly fees that have already been paid are non-refundable.   Please see our deposit and refund FAQ for more details.  Your contract will have full details on our cancellation policies.

5 months may seem like a long time, but when you break down the the project into individual deliverables, we must stick to a very strict and face-paced timeline!  A typical timeline looks like this:

  • Month 1: Brand strategy workshop. Deliver Brand Strategy Blueprint and Creative Direction presentation. Begin Brand Design.
  • Month 2: Deliver brand guidelines and brand files. Schedule photoshoot. Begin print and packaging design.
  • Month 3: Begin copywriting for the website and company profile. Deliver photoshoot art direction. Deliver print and packaging design.
  • Month 4: Deliver copywriting. Begin custom website design. 
  • Month 5: Begin digital design and launch plan.  Deliver any remaining files, launch plan and transfer website.

Frequently Asked Questions

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